“Delivering reliable results in every step of the process that impacts your water solutions”

Water Sourcing

FLOWPOINT WATER’S team is on the front lines identifying, acquiring and permitting source water for our customers’ hydraulic fracturing.

FLOWPOINT WATER sourcing capabilities include water planning, source acquisition, storage infrastructure and water gathering, regulatory handling and automated water transfer services.

FLOWPOINT WATER SOLUTIONS has aggregated large-scale water supplies that are readily available for operator use in hydraulic fracturing. Well intensity and concentration have increased water volume refresh requirements. Our strategic contracts provide access to over 1 million barrels of water per day.

Service Capabilities:

Water Transfer & Fluid Handling

FLOWPOINT WATER transfer uses the latest automated technologies and equipment to ensure safe and reliable delivery of fluids.


FLOWPOINT WATER transfer utilizes a variety of leak-free mobile piping systems capable of moving small and large volumes of fresh or produced water. Our automated water transfer systems provide continuous monitoring of flow rate, automated controls, total flow, leak-detection, line pressure and pit levels.

Service Capabilities:

automation and data management

FLOWPOINT Automation and Data Management allows for continuous monitoring of your fluids using our IoWT system. Our integrated platform connects you with live data reporting and control of all your fluids. Our automated platform reduces labor costs, improves safety, and actively automates fluids through pumps, lay-flat hose, poly pipe, tanks and frac ponds.

Service Capabilities:

Water Midstream

FLOWPOINT WATER midstream designs, constructs, and operates water pipelines, storage pits and SWD infrastructure with our midstream and upstream partners.

Service Capabilities: